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Venus Turns Inward until Sept 8

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

The planet Venus will be stationary on Friday (7/27/07) going retrograde at 2 Virgo. When this happens it may feel like Venus is turning her back on all that matters to her – relationships, esthetics, finances, etc. In reality the Goddess of Love & Beauty is taking a break to re-evaluate these issues. By September 8 when she again moves forward, she will be at 16 Leo and feeling renewed.

Venus goes retrograde only seven percent of the time, less than any other planet. Perhaps that is because the Venusian activities of giving and receiving love, expressing beauty and creating value are quite essential to human life. It is also true that periodically taking time to reflect on these matters is important for gaining perspective and renewing our passion for living. (more…)

Agreeing to Disagree

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

The New Moon in Cancer, exact at 8:04 am EDT today, has me reflecting on my family and how I learned the importance of “agreeing to disagree.”

The New Moon is always a time to plant new seeds that have the promise of manifesting at the time of the Full Moon two weeks later. This Cancer New Moon’s promise matures on July 29 when the moon will be full in Aquarius.  Knowing this I have been considering what Cancerian thoughts planted now would result in an Aquarian harvest.

Cancer is the sign of family, emotional attachments, instinctual habit patterns and our sense of security and belonging. Aquarius, also, carries awareness of group dynamics but through observation of the wider social community. In Cancer we may be aware of behaviours (mores) that are required for acceptance or rejection by the family. In Aquarius, we are aware of the variety of views within a community, but choose to keep our independence rather than to fall prey to following the crowd. (more…)

Cancer New Moon – Interpreting Reflections

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

As I have grown to understand how life works, one particular skill has served me well. It is a learned skill, not one that comes naturally, that I call “interpreting reflections.”

Opposite our interior world or inner feelings is our external world or our awareness of what is happening outside and around us. The people and happenings, the circumstances of our daily life are continually providing us with information. We act and react with the external world constantly, but how often do we consider the meaning and significance of what we see or what is happening?

I believe there is much to gain from interpreting the reflections we receive from the external world.

In astrology, the Descendant or 7th house describes how we view others or what we expect from them. Planets in the 7th house also show us what we project on others. The truth is we couldn’t see either the good or bad in another person unless it was first present in us. The energies of the 7th house and its planets are a part of us first, even though we may disown them and project them on others.

If that is true, then when we look outward, I believe we can get a hint of what is happening inside ourselves. In fact, one way your unconscious or subconscious speaks to you is through the people and circumstances you face moment by moment.

How does this work? I remember a job I held in a non-profit organization in my 40s where my relationship with my co-workers was abysmal. I loved the work I was doing because I believed in the purpose of the organization, but I kept running into snags with others in the office. Even my boss was disempowering when he told me I had a poor ability to write. Can you imagine that? I believed him and for ten years I rarely did any writing other than my personal journal.

At the time, I figured I just worked with a bunch of jerks. Had I been more open to interpreting reflections, I would have realized what I now know looking back. My writing was poor because the subject matter (technical project reports) was boring to me. My interpersonal relations were terrible because I was highly self-critical and self-doubting as a result of being out of balance with my own inner nature. I was working in a technical environment with a “got-to-get-it-done-at-all-costs” mentality, disregarding the yearning of my heart to relate to others on a more personal or spiritual basis.

If I was interpreting reflections then, I would have left gracefully with more appropriate work to go to, but instead I quit in a huff. Oh, what a lesson I learned!

This past week I had the opportunity to offer this perspective to a client. I pointed out that the reason the foundations of her life were falling apart was that her life no longer fit her, evidence of her inner growth. How did I know? Because I could interpret the reflections she was getting and what she was saying as the beginning of a whole new sense of herself. Even though unknown, the future will present her with a life that more naturally fits her new awareness. Of this I am certain.

Interpreting reflections has many other uses. Have you ever wondered why everyone is angry around you on certain days? Check inside and see if you’ve got any simmering feelings of frustrations or have been holding yourself back from action due to self-doubt.

I am not suggesting that all people’s actions around you are directly tied to you. I am suggesting that when something happens more than once or it affects you very intensely, it just might be something meaningful and worth taking time to interpret the reflection and perhaps make a course correction as a result.

There is a Buddhist Monk I read about — I am sorry I don’t remember his name — who, looking out at all the troubles of the world, resolved to take action everyday by looking inside himself to find conflict, greed, deception, etc. and heal it there.

I hope you too will find the great benefits from interpreting the reflections from your external world.A Quote of Note
“People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and yet they pass by themselves without wondering.”
—St. Augustine

Technical Difficulties…and Improvements

Friday, July 13th, 2007

Hooray! I am back on my blog!!!

It was with my great pleasure that Mercury returned to forward motion Tuesday. It has been a particularly problematic time for me as Mercury has been going back and forth across my Ascendant.

I always warn my readers and clients to beware of computer complications around Mercury’s retrograde periods, to back up everything, and not start any new computer-related projects. Well, this time I got caught migrating my website and blog to a new host at a time too close to Mercury’s about-face. Though my website has been up for most of this time, my blog has not.

The silver lining is that I was able to change my blog to a more easily readable format. I am very pleased and I hope you are too.

In the end, the only thing you can do during Mercury’s antics is to keep your sense of humor. Mercury traditionally rules humor.

Perhaps all the glitches and miscommunications that happened are just hidden opportunities to not take ourselves and our daily life so seriously. As for me, I am look forward to allotting more time to write.

Thanks for your patience!