The Way is Made by Walking

August 4th, 2015

It’s mid-summer here in Virginia. We have been enjoying the peace and quiet of living on a lake in the country, while sharing the natural beauty with human and animal neighbors. It’s been a welcome respite after our three-month Central and South American adventure.

The Celtic festival of Lughnasadh, celebrated on July 31st, honors the wedding of the Sun god, Lugh, to the Earth goddess, causing the ripening of crops. What is ripening in your life?

A favorite quote came to me recently and, while confirming the path (or lack of path) I am on, it inspired me to write.


The Way is Made by Walking

Pilgrim, there is no path. The way is made by walking. ~ Antonio Machado

Whether we recognize it or not, we are all on a journey. Some of us travel unconsciously, cast about by the fortunate or unfortunate winds of life, often filled with regret for the past or trepidation for the future.

Others of us have chosen to take the reins tightly in hand, using determination, affirmations, or whatever tool we find to make life conform to our desire.

Most of us fall somewhere between these extremes.

I certainly have no judgment about how you choose to navigate through life. At times I have been quite determined and at other times I have lived unconsciously.

However, this quote speaks to me deeply and reminds me “there is no path.” There is no paved path with landmarks and a destination at which to arrive.

Life is immensely creative. In every moment, we have multitudes of options for our lives, even though we may not be seeing them. It is in the act of stepping forward that we create our path. Through choice, we create our path.

You may wonder how an astrologer can say there is no path. Isn’t astrology a tool to understand your predesigned path? I am sorry, but that’s not how I see it.

Astrology speaks to me about cycles of time when certain energies will be strong. These energies help influence our choices, of course, but astrology DOES NOT define your choices.

It is by choice that my husband and I sold our condo – let go, sold, or donated 80% of our belongings – and moved into a motor home to allow us more resources to travel abroad. Under a multitude of Uranus and Pluto (major change) aspects, travel was how we chose to express those energies. Someone else might have chosen otherwise. It has been an unknown path that we created as we were inspired at every point.

What energies are you experiencing? What are you choosing? Because… “Pilgrim, there is no path. The way is made by walking.”

Rather than envy other’s lives, be confident you have the creative power to design the life you want. If you need some encouragement, call on me.

Book an astrology session with me. I will not tell you what you will or should do. Rather, together we’ll look at the energies that are influencing you and consider what your options are. What choices do you want to make with the energies influencing you that can lead to the life you desire?

I wish you happy walking and creating your way!


Travel Update:

After a lovely couple months in Marshall, VA, we are off again. On August 12, we leave for a month in Cuenca, Ecuador, where we will be having some low-cost, high quality dental work done by an American expat. It’s our third trip to Cuenca, a UNESCO World Heritage colonial town at eight thousand feet in the Andes.


Book an Astrology Consultation

Currently, I am available to clients by phone or Skype. For the next month, even while in Ecuador, I will be available by Skype so feel free to contact me to set up your appointment. Let me empower you to take the steps that lead to your best life!

Scorpio New Moon – How Eclipses Work & Announcement

October 23rd, 2014

This month contains two eclipses – a Full Moon/Lunar eclipse on Oct 8 at 15 Aries and a New Moon/Solar eclipse today (Oct 23) at 1 Scorpio. Since eclipses are reliable harbingers of change, you may wonder what this means when an eclipse activates your chart.

Any time an eclipse comes within 3-5 degrees of a conjunction or opposition to a planet or sensitive point (Ascendant, Midheaven, or Nodes) in your chart, you can reliably expect something to change related to the nature of the sign, house, or affected planet.

However, it is not so easy to predict what that change will be. It is said that eclipses are “wild cards.” They stir up some aspect of your life that is in need of change and present brand new circumstances.

Lunar eclipses carry the energy of a full moon by highlighting some part of your life that has reached completion or fulfillment, often creating an ending. The window of influence for lunar eclipses runs from a month before to a month after the exact date of the eclipse.

Solar eclipses open up new possibilities just like the New Moon, but with more dramatic circumstances. These, too, can bring endings, but new beginnings are most important. The window of influence of solar eclipses is much longer – from about a month before the solar eclipse to six months or more afterward. Often three months after the eclipse, something activates.

Generally, if your chart is being activated by an eclipse, you can trust that you are ripe for change. To worry about what that might be is counterproductive; when change comes from an eclipse, you will do better to just go with the flow.

That may be easier said than done but, trust me, holding onto the status quo when change is happening is a prescription for great suffering. I know many of us get fearful even at the sound of the word, change. Yet, life is about change and growth; death is the only state of no change. I prefer the former.

This topic is quite personal for me right now. You see, the lunar eclipse on Oct 8 occurred within one degree of my Sun in Aries and today’s solar eclipse is opposing my Venus in Taurus within one degree.

When I saw this coming, I had no idea what would change, but it was clear something about my self-expression (Sun) and my relationships (Venus) was definitely likely.

My announcement below has been influenced by these eclipses, along with Uranus on my Sun (urge for freedom) and Neptune coming soon to my midheaven (loss of focus and need to go deeper spiritually). It has been challenging to understand what all this means for me personally and for my business. (See announcement below.)

For those who, like me, are affected by these eclipses – 11-19 degrees of Aries/Libra and 27 Libra to 5 Scorpio – ready yourself for change. Open to some new aspect of life, let go of what is passing out of your life, and stay alert for the opportunities that will present themselves.

Life is always bringing us opportunities for more joyful living if we are willing to push off from the shore and flow with the stream that is taking us forward.

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Sacred Meandering

Coming in mid-November, we are traveling to Guatemala for four weeks to study Spanish with a one-on-one instructor for four hours a day. After the New Year, we plan to travel around Central and South America using our newly-acquired language skills.

Join us vicariously as we discover the sacredness of many places. To follow our travels, go to and subscribe (in left column). Thanks for your interest!


Important Announcement

Considering the influences described above, I have decided to take a six-month sabbatical from my business. I will not be doing consultations during this time. 

In addition, I will not be writing this newsletter in its present form. Rather than writing every month at the New Moon, I will communicate periodically as I am inspired. Also, I will not include the Astrological Events section. In fact, it is missing from this newsletter.

This has not been an easy decision, but my inner guidance has urged me to be free of obligations for the next six month. As you are already aware, Chuck and I have been called to travel extensively abroad and to do it in a slower, more reflective manner. The need to live more fully in the moment is strong.

In addition, I am called to do more writing. I have the idea for another book and, though it is still percolating, I hope to find time to ponder and write.

If the reason you read my newsletter is the astrology information, then you may be disappointed and choose to unsubscribe. I am sorry if I am letting you down.

However, I hope some of you will stay with me on this new and unknown path of deepening and opening to the world through travel. I have no idea where this is leading, which is why I chose this quote for my travel blog: All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. ~ Martin Buber.

It has been my joy and privilege to serve you through my newsletter and, if you have called on me, through my astrological consultations. Living from inner inspiration has called me to take a “time out” from what I have been doing for a dozen years. I will reevaluate my next steps in Spring 2015.

Meanwhile, I send you all my love and gratitude. It is my wish that you, also, find joy, love, and fulfillment in your lives.

I leave you with a poem by John O’Donohue that expresses beautifully my wish for each and every one of you.

For Solitude

May you recognize in your life the presence,

power, and light of your soul.

May you realize that you are never alone,

That your soul in its brightness and belonging

Connects you intimately with the rhythm of the universe

May you have respect for your individuality and difference.

May you realize that the shape of your soul is unique,

That you have a special destiny here,

And that behind the façade of your life

There is something beautiful and eternal happening.

May you learn to see yourself

With the same delight, pride, and expectation

with which God sees you in every moment.

Turn Envy into Creative Action

September 19th, 2014

Whenever someone’s got something you wanted to get, get happy – because this means it’s get-able! Instead of being green with envy, be green with go-power, and go get it! 

~ Karen Salmansohn,

I decided to write about envy because during the last several weeks, I have had encounters with people who responded to me with envy – a doctor’s nurse, a chiropractor, and a grocery clerk – when I explained to them that I am living in an RV and doing international travel.

“I am so jealous. My husband and I have dreamed of doing that, but I am not sure we can pull it off,” one person said.

I confess that it makes me nervous to have others “jealous” of me. It makes me feel like there’s something unusual or special about me. It feels sort of like being put on a pedestal and I would rather not be put in that position from which I could fall.

In each case, I simply responded by encouraging them to believe that they too can do what we are doing. It may take time and planning – it certainly did for us – but anyone can make the choice to downsize and free up money to travel.

I choose to be a cheerleader for others to follow their heart’s calling, wherever that call leads them. I would like to empower others by our example, not make them jealous.

The act of envy disempowers the person who envies. That certainly isn’t what I want to have happen. I also don’t want my good fortune to cause anyone unhappiness.

When I came across the quote above – Instead of being green with envy, be green with go-power, and go get it! – I resonated with the message.

If you find yourself jealous of what someone has or is doing, why not see it as a message that motivates you to make a change, make a play, or just return to being grateful for what is already in your life?

Not everyone is interested in traveling. I have a brother who always responds to the news of my travels by saying, “Why would you want to go there?” Travel does not push his “joy” button like it does mine.

The other part of the quote – Whenever someone’s got something you wanted to get, get happy – because this means it’s get-able! – suggests that rather than feel envy, you can choose to feel happiness instead.

So, be happy when you find someone who has achieved what you’d like to achieve, because you now know it is “get-able.” Your goal is to make it happen for you.

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Virgo New Moon – Remember the Pattern

August 24th, 2014

If you see a whole thing — it seems that it’s always beautiful. Planets, lives… But up close a world’s all dirt and rocks. And day to day, life’s a hard job, you get tired, you lose the pattern. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

The ongoing friction between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (2011-2016) continues to ratchet up everyday stress. Just a cursory scan of the news can easily make one think that violence and darkness are overrunning the world – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, Ukraine, and Ferguson, Missouri to name a few.

That’s what is happening in the outer world, but what about what’s happening in your personal world? Many of my clients are reporting huge changes and upheavals that are challenging their ability to stay positive and balanced.

At this New Moon of Virgo, we observe how easy it is to notice what isn’t working, how we have fallen short or failed, and what needs to be fixed. Those with strong Virgo in their chart often struggle with a sincere drive for perfection despite living in a flawed world, which can leave them in deep despair. They see the diseased trees, but not the rest of the lush forest.

The Ursula Le Guin quote, above, struck me as an apt description of the Virgo/Pisces polarity. While Virgos are looking at the “dirt and rocks,” but failing to see the beauty of the whole, people with strong Pisces are keenly aware of the beauty of the whole and find it difficult to address the nitty-gritty issues that arise.

There is nothing more beautiful that a picture of our blue planet as seen from space (first seen in 1959). And yet, there are wars, epidemics, environmental degradation and other “ugly” aspects of life on earth. How do we reconcile this?

The quote provides a clue: it is important that we not “lose the pattern.” You might ask, what is meant by the pattern?

To me, the pattern refers to the Divine Plan. Though it is difficult to wrap our “little pea brains” around the concept of a Divine Plan that could have lovingly created a world of conflicts the likes of what we are experiencing, in my opinion , it is a belief in Greater Power that softens the edges of life.

I remember a time in my late 20s, when I was struggling with depression. I made an important decision. I reasoned that either the world is full of turmoil and that is all there is or I could choose to live as if life has meaning and offers an opportunity to learn and grow through the challenges.

You can guess what I chose, of course. When a difficult challenge presents itself, I have learned to “trust” that underneath it all, life is always flowing toward more love, more joy and more wisdom. That choice has never failed me.

If you are struggling with the imperfections in your life, rather than focus on the “dirt and rocks,” why not focus on the truth that there is a “pattern” and it is beautifully created for you. If you choose to change your attitude and expect a positive outcome, you will discover how Grace can touch even the challenging circumstance in your life.

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Leo New Moon – When the Energy Goes Out

July 26th, 2014

We have been staying for a few days on Holy Island (also called Lindesfarne) off the northeast coast of England just south of the Scottish border. It is a lovely little island with ruins of a priory established by St. Cuthbert as far back as the 600s and a castle perched on a rock outcrop from the 1500s. In between them is a charming little village of small cottages where we’ve been lucky enough to spend four quiet days.

Yesterday morning I was preparing to make breakfast and sit down to write, when the power went out on the entire island ruining my plans. At first the word was that they expected electricity to return by 10 am.

Fortunately, we decided to drive off the island to find a place for breakfast. The island is reached by a causeway that is covered over by the tide twice a day. After checking the time for safe passage, I learned we’d have just enough time to find breakfast and buy a few lunch supplies before the tide would prevent us from returning. We did when and returned successfully.

As it turned out, the power never went back on until 2 pm. With my good intentions of writing shattered and without the electricity to power my computer, you could say I was “powerless” to move forward.

Instead, of staring at a screen as planned, Chuck and I walked to the castle and along other trails around the island. It was a perfectly delightful day. I had plenty of energy for walking and climbing along the trails.

This would only be a nice little story, if I didn’t share an important realization I gained from the experience, which is this: When the energy goes out of something you are doing, it might be because there is a better activity or goal you could be working on.

Notice when an action you previously were enthusiastic about no longer energizes you. This can happen to you in relationship to your job, your marriage, where you live or even a creative project.

When you lose your drive, enthusiasm, or motivation, life is telling you something – time for a change. It is then up to you to decide what change is needed. Perhaps it means taking a new path. Or maybe, it means approaching the same path differently. No matter what you choose, it is important to realize that when the energy goes out, pushing forward is not the answer. That will just create more stress. Something has to change.

When the energy goes out, it is a clear message from Spirit. Ignore it at your own peril or open to the message encouraging growth and change. This is simply one of the ways life sends you messages for happy living.

In my case, I noticed that I was being given the opportunity to explore the island, which wouldn’t have happened (at least not yesterday), if the power had not gone out.

May your energy continue, but if it goes out, may you notice and welcome the change.

When You Disagree

June 27th, 2014

The worldwide position today is not how to unite by wiping out all differences, but how to unite with all differences intact…When natural differences find their harmony, then is true unity. ~ Rabindranath Tagore

I doubt anyone walking the Earth has avoided disagreement with others. We are each unique individuals with different life experiences and, therefore, we have arrived at different beliefs and different feelings. It is only natural that disagreement arises in human relationships.

The past two weeks, as Mars (the warrior) has fired up the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square, the possibility of hostility and conflict has proliferated. Many people have found themselves embroiled in heated arguments, often over relatively minor issues. A friend announced she’d never argued as much in twenty years of marriage.

Even knowing about the prevailing conflict-oriented energies, my own relationship was volatile. Fortunately, knowing helped us to defuse and prevent any long-term damage. Unfortunately, fierce emotions can arise in the moment before awareness is brought to the situation to defuse it.

During the process, I noticed that the disagreements were simply a matter of different perceptions and approaches to the same goal. This often happens. Yet, when we become more accepting of the differences, peace was restored.

An important factor in maintaining healthy relationships is the ability to accept the parts of others that you don’t share, agree with, or even understand. This ability is based on the recognition that each of us is a unique individual worthy of respect.

Some differences can be lived with, such as when your partner loves movies but you prefer the symphony. Other differences may require parting, such as when someone’s drinking affects your security.

Yet, everyone is due respect for who they are. Intrinsically, we are each created equal and are precious spiritual beings living a physical experience on Earth. Despite possible troubling physical traits, the spiritual worth of each person was established at birth.

Truthfully, not everyone we meet is someone we would choose to be close friends with or live with. A similarity of interests and lifestyle (and passion?) brings us together, but that does not take away our uniqueness or individuality. Differences will always arise, especially after the first rush of idealism.

The real place for personal/spiritual growth is in managing those differences – with respect, not criticism. After all, the leopard can’t change his stripes and we cannot change who we are at the core.

Just as the Tagore quote above suggests, “When natural differences find their harmony, then is true unity.”

Mars has begun moving on, perhaps allowing us to readjust to new ways of interacting with one another. Here’s hoping you are retur­­ning to harmony and unity in your key relationships by respecting individual differences – yours and theirs.

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Three Tips for Becoming More Spiritual in Your Daily Life

May 27th, 2014

Are you eager to become more spiritual? For many years, I believed that it was important for me to “become more spiritual.” Attending workshops and reading the writings of spiritually-evolved people were important to my spiritual growth.

However, all my study and learning led me to realize that I did not need to become more spiritual. What I sought was to deepen and widen my awareness of Spirit’s presence already in my everyday life. I was not any less spiritual before I began reading and attending workshops. Nor am I more spiritual now. Spirit is forever present in every molecule of my physical, mental, and emotional existence.

With that understanding, I offer three tips that have helped me increase my awareness of Spirit in my everyday life.

Notice and Wonder

For most of us, our everyday lives are filled with activities. We run from one thing to another, barely noticing the simpler things of life surrounding us. Have you ever taken the time to just wonder about the caterpillar crawling up your sidewalk?

Whether you choose to formally meditate or simply take a walk in nature, the first key to increasing awareness is to make time to notice your environment, your feelings, and what you are thinking. Step back from the rolling chain of events in your life and come fully into the present moment. Become aware of all it contains. In the present moment, Spirit reveals itself in the calm, peace, and joy experienced there.

Expand Self-Acceptance

Not one of us has escaped the ravages of self-doubt and many of us have wallowed in a form of self-hate that can be quite devastating. However, if Spirit is present in every molecule, then we are sacred beings. We were created by a loving Creator and, though we may fall short of our own expectations of ourselves, our worth was established at creation.

Of course, it is natural to continually strive toward perfection. Yet, in truth, there is no perfection to be found here on Earth. The striving toward perfection is a beautiful process that urges us to grow and improve.

We must cultivate self-acceptance and self-love in order to express the best of who we are. Without acceptance of our own gifts, we might not freely offer them to the world and, make no mistake, the world is in need of you!

Embrace Others with Compassion

With the knowledge that our self-worth was established at creation, it is easier to reach out to others. It is easier to express compassion when they don’t live up to our expectations. We can recognize Spirit is present in them as it is in us and know they are doing the best they can at their present level of awareness. So much of our interpersonal conflict can be eliminated through compassion.

Whoever you find difficult to deal with – a parent, a spouse, a boss, or a neighbor – needs love and acceptance as much as you do. If you can look past their actions, you might find an awkward call for connection.

As I see it, we who are seeking to be more spiritual in our daily lives need merely to open our awareness to the love of our Creator, which helps expand our self-love, and then generates our greater capacity to embrace others with compassion.

You are already a Spirit-filled human being, worthy to be loved and to love, who is seeking to deepen and widen your awareness of what is already true. I wish you Godspeed on your journey!

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Taurus New Moon – The Greatest Gift You Can Give

April 29th, 2014

Spirit gave you two ears and one mouth so you can speak half as much as you listen.  ~ Navajo Proverb

Recently I saw Lisa Garr interview Richard Moss, author of the book “The I That Is We” that inspired me years ago. During the conversation, they touched on the importance of listening skills for deepening intimate relationships, which caused me to reflect on my own listening ability.

I have long believed that the greatest gift you can give another is to listen, really listen, to whatever they need to express.

The basic human need to be heard was easy for me to value because, with my Gemini Moon, the best way for me to process my emotions is by expressing what I am feeling verbally to someone. Or, failing that, to express myself in writing in my journal.

Yes, I understand the need to be heard very well and, fortunately, I have a husband who is a great listener. The greater challenge for me has been to develop good listening skills.

As an astrological consultant, my greatest asset (next to having strong astrological knowledge) is my listening skill. Why, then, have I felt challenged in the past with deep listening in my intimate relationships?

There is no better person in your life to project your emotional issues onto than your partner. I have written before how he or she serves as a mirror for your own unhealed issues. When you hear your partner speaking, it triggers emotions that cloud out the ability to really hear what he or she is saying.

Let me suggest two important skills I have found that will help you deepen your ability to listen and improve your relationships.

  • Listen until your partner finishes speaking. In fact, take a breath after he or she finishes. This will ensure your partner has expressed all he or she wishes to before you respond.
  • While your partner speaks, refrain from judging what he or she is saying, deciding whether you agree or disagree, and planning your response.

If you can set yourself (your reactions and emotions) aside and really listen to what your partner is saying, there will still be time to formulate your response during the breath you take after he or she has finished.

Our relationships are important. The need to be loved and heard is strong in each of us. However, as the Navajo proverb states (above), we would do well to listen twice as much as we speak.

How might your relationships improve if you give the gift of deeply listening when your partner or others speak?

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Stressed? Make It a Breakthrough Month

March 29th, 2014

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Max Planck, Nobel prizewinning physicist

The month of April is arguably the most stressful, tension-filled month in my lifetime. We have two outer planet oppositions creating what astrologers call a Cardinal Grand Square or Cross. There’s a Lunar Eclipse on April 15 and a Solar Eclipse on April 29.

If you have been stressed because the things in your life that you hold dear are falling apart, or if you have been trying to hold things together, this month could be even more stressful.

If you think I am spinning a story of “doom and gloom,” you probably are a new reader. I honestly don’t do “doom and gloom” well. I see stress as a gift to simply urge us to open up to change and personal growth.

For me, this month’s theme is “break on through to the other side!” And, fortunately, April is a fantastic month for this!

That’s all well and good, you say, but I am afraid of what comes next and I don’t know how to let go.

Fortunately, Max Planck, the originator of quantum theory, offers us the answer to this dilemma (see quote above). We are being called to change the way we look at things, because that is how we change our life. Let me offer a personal example of my most recent struggle with this lesson.

Regular readers know that, due to my husband retiring, we have had our condo up for sale. Putting it on the market just before Christmas was not great timing, but I was so eager to get it sold and move on, that by the end of January, when it wasn’t sold, I was “fit to be tied.”

I had created my own stress by wanting things to happen “my way,” like now, right now. After a couple weeks of suffering, I decided to have a serious talk with my higher self.

The breakthrough came when I chose to let go of my plan and let a “greater” plan work for me – not BY me. I redirected my focus to create each day as a new experience from which I could discover where to put my next step.

By late February, Chuck was officially retired, we had done all we needed to do to make the condo presentable, and were left with merely keeping the house clean for any imminent prospective buyers. Meanwhile, winter was raging outside.

We thought, why not create a getaway? And so we did. I am happy to say we’ve been on the road now for three weeks. I am writing this newsletter from the Big Island of Hawaii. On Monday, we go to Kauai for a week and then we’ll consider making our way home. With a little luck, spring will have arrived in the DC area by then.

All the while, I have continued to serve current and new clients by phone and Skype video. This has worked better than I expected. I’ll let you in on a secret. Another part of my stress was worrying that I couldn’t maintain my service to others if we traveled as we dreamed of doing. I was wrong. (So, don’t be afraid to email me for a session, if you desire one.)

I am deeply grateful that I live at a time when the world is so connected by the Internet that I can live anywhere and still serve others.

Okay. I know the stress I was feeling was due to wanting change that just wasn’t happening for me. Yet, I believe it works the same way for those who do NOT want change but it happens anyway.

In either case, the secret is….change how you look at your life. When we recognize that we didn’t create our lives and therefore don’t have the full picture of what is good for us, this may seem to suggest that we have no control.

However, the control we have of our lives is clearly in our attitude (change your thoughts and change your life) and our expectations (what you focus on enlarges the possibilities). Then, we only have to take life as it comes and be grateful.

As you move through this coming month, remember to open up to the possibility that the past CAN be released and that you CAN create a more satisfying life by seeing the opportunity in every moment, knowing that “when you change the way you see things, the things you see change.”

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Pisces New Moon – When Planets Retrograde

March 1st, 2014

If you have been reading my newsletter for more than a few months, you know that there always seems to be some planet that is going retrograde or turning to direct motion after being retrograde. But what does that really mean and how can we best use these periods of time?

First, let me make it clear that planets do not actually reverse in the sky. It only appears so from our vantage point on earth. It is an optical illusion that’s very similar to what happens when you are standing on a platform next to a train that starts to move. In that case, it appears you are moving and the train is stationary, which is the opposite of what is really happening.

All planets retrograde for some period of time (the Sun and Moon do not). The outer planets of our solar system, from Jupiter outward, all retrograde for more than five months a year. Their impact is not as significant as the retrograde periods of the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars).

Since December 21, we have been dealing with a series of retrograde planets. We have already endured retrogrades of Venus (12/21 – 1/31) and Mercury (2/6-2/28), which required reassessing our finances and relationships (Venus) as well as our way of communicating (Mercury).

Now, as Mars begins its retrograde (3/1 – 5/19) in Libra, we could find that issues and conflicts arise in our relationships and they will need to be addressed. Caution is urged, however, because during Mars retrograde, the initiator of a conflict is likely to come out a loser in the end.

During this period, it is not a good time to initiate action, vitality can be lower, and whoever initiates a conflict loses. New projects and romances begun under Mars retrograde are likely to fizzle out. Caution is urged because your anger and hostility can come back to haunt you later. It is a better time to work out your anger at the gym and not by confronting your loved ones.

A fellow astrologer, Lynn Koiner, suggests that those who have the Mars-ruled signs of Aries and Scorpio prominent are affected differently. “Aries are less aggressive, less pushy and less impatient…Both signs are more inclined to sit back and review matters in a more detached and impersonal way.”

Everyone else is likely to be more impatient and eager to take immediate action, which will not work in their favor.

In her “Good Days Action Planning Guide,” Mary Shea suggests a wise way to handle Mars retrograde. “You go back over situations (either in your mind or in reality), doing things again and again while making corrections in the way you handle events. While Mars is retrograde, you will be reviewing the way you handle anger, self-defense, self-motivation and sexual relationships.”

The day after Mars goes retrograde, Saturn begins its retrograde (3/2 – 7/19), signaling a need to pay attention to responsibilities you may have shirked or ignored. And don’t forget that Mercury, which goes retrograde three times each year, will again cause us to review our thinking and communications (6/7 – 7/1).

That’s a lot of rethinking, reviewing, revising, and reorienting our direction. Frankly, I suspect we are being called to clean up our act in the first half of 2014, so our motives are clearer and we are freer to act when the opportunity presents itself by the summer.

Meanwhile, rather than struggle to push forward, it is a good time to look around you. Appreciate the ways things are right now. Develop your skills and abilities to handle what is right in front of you. Review your key relationships to understand their true value and discover how you could better support those you love.

The last half of the year holds more promise for initiating new plans. For the next three months, don’t frustrate yourself by struggling to get a new initiative going. We are in period of sustaining and reviewing what already exists. However, you can trust that, since life is full of changing cycles, this too will pass.

[Personal Note: For those who wonder, a new owner has not yet found our condo and we are in a sustaining mode, also. Being an astrologer does not make me immune to cosmic influence, of course.]

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